Online Registration Now Open for 2018!

    Please click the “Join” tab from any page to take advantage of online signup.

    You can take advantage of our installment plan or pay in full, all via our website.


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    We would like to hear from our Alumni.

    Hello all Eastmoor Pool Alumni.

    Were you on the swim team? Did you serve on the board of trustees? How many years where you a member? Have your kids grown up and are members themselves now with their kids? Tell us a story about an interesting pool experience you may have had.


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    Opening Day!!!

    The pool will be open Saturday, May 26rd from Noon-8pm!

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    Parking Information

    Please note:  Due to safety & security concerns, the rear gate (off of the Cord Camera lot) will be unavailable for parking during open swim hours.  Apologies for any inconvenience.  Parking will be available in front of the pool.  Thanks.  -Eastmoor Pool Board of Trustees

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