Membership Classifications

    Eastmoor South Recreation Park PO Box 091095
    Columbus, OH 43209

    (614) 231‐3313


    Family Membership: a family is defined as an adult couple (18 years of age or older), one or both of whom can be considered head of household, and any children of said couple residing in the same household, and who are claimed as dependents by one or both of the adults on their most recent federal income tax form. This may include children who are 18 years of age or older, but are full‐time students enrolled in a secondary school, or a college, university, or trade school. The adults’ most recent federal tax return (the portion listing eligible dependents), birth certificates for each child, and proof of school enrollment may be required at the time of membership purchase for purposes of determining eligibility for this type of membership.

    Couples: any two persons residing in the same household. Examples: a husband and wife; a parent and child.

    Individual Membership: Any one person over the age of 12. Senior Individual Adult Membership: persons age 65 and up.

    Babysitter: May be purchased by a member for the designated care provider of the member’s dependent children. This provider may use the membership for admittance only when working for the purchasing member.
    Babysittees: Individuals who have purchased a membership and wish to bring children for whom they are babysitting may purchase “babysittee” memberships for each child.

    *The Board of Trustees reserves the right to close the sale of new memberships at any time in order to ensure that maximum occupancy rates for the pool and grounds are not exceeded.

    Guest Policy

    Guests are welcome at the Eastmoor Pool as long they are accompanied by an active pool member at all times while on pool property.

    A guest is defined as anyone who has not paid for a membership. The guest must be accompanied by a member in good standing. All guests must register at the front gate and provide name, phone number, and address. All guests must pay the appropriate fee or remit a guest pass provided by the accompanying member. Anyone who has had their membership revoked for any reason may not enter the pool as a guest. Guest must be accompanied by the sponsoring member at all times while on pool property. A guest must exit the pool property when the accompanying member does.