Membership Fees and Payment Options

    Once again you have the option to pay for your pool membership online via our website, You can pay the entire balance at one time or use our convenient installment program. You may also pay via US mail with check or money order, or in person with check, money order or cash. Payment must accompany your membership registration form; this form can be printed off from this website–please click here for the forms.
    The installment program is available for all membership categories. If you choose the installment program, all installments must be paid in full before your membership is activated. In order to use the installment program you must use a credit card with an expiration date later than June 30, 2015.
    ***The installment program is only for those members wishing to pay online.***
    How does the payment plan work? When you register online you will be offered the opportunity to pay your membership dues in one payment or to divide your membership fees into 2 or 3 monthly payments depending on what month you register. After April 25, 2015 the installment program will no longer be available, as all membership fees must be paid by May 25, 2015. During the month of May and after, all membership fees will need to be paid in full with one payment.
    When will my card be charged? Your 2 or 3 payments will be processed on the same date or the next business day after that date in each consecutive month following your first installment.
    If an individual’s credit card is declined, the person will be notified and a valid credit card will be sought. Furthermore, if the individual does not complete all payments, the fees paid to date will be held until the potential member can complete the rest of the payment; a late fee may be imposed and refunds will not be issued.
    Membership categories are as follows.
    Family $299.00
    Couple $235.00
    Individual $175.00
    Senior Couple (Married, 65 & older) $180.00
    Senior (65 and older) $96.00
    Babysitter/ Babysittee $96.00Bond Holders, with valid bond in your name, will receive a 10% discount.*If your Membership is paid in full by May 1st or elected to pay with the new installment plan and your installments are completed by May 25, 2015, you will receive 5 free guest passes (a $25.00 value)